Bible Journaling 

Beginner Bible Journaling

How man of you have bought this book and never opened it?  How many wanted to buy it but were to afraid?  Do you want to learn what bible journaling is all about?

What I would like to do is offer to you a workshop to help you work through the book and start you on the journey of Bible Journaling.

This is a free Workshop.  If you would like to purchase the book there is the a link below or wherever is convenient for you.

Let's get together Oct 5, 2021 at 6pm in a zoom classroom and get you started.  

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Lessons from Shepherd's Gate Farm is delightful collection of stories from Deborah's persepctive about how to draw close to God, see what He sees, and find courage to step out in obedience to His call. Join Deborah in this spirtiual journey she manages her animals and small dairy farm in Western Maryland.  $15.95

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