Faith Art

Be Available, Be Sensitive Be Helpful, Be Creative

“As a creation of God, you are designed for relationship. And who better to teach you about the art of relationship than the One who left heaven to become God in a body, the One who took on flesh so that He could relate intimately and uniquely with each one of us.


In this insightful book, Lynn Anderson shares with us four principles. Four solid traits. Four tools in the Master’s tool chest for building relationships with people: Jesus was available to people. Jesus was sensitive to people. Jesus was helpful to people. Jesus was creative in his connection with each unique person. In this provocative book, you’ll see Jesus’ touch of tenderness and compassion and discover how each person who felt the “Jesus Touch” was changed forever. You will be changed forever as well.”

Join us Monday nights 6:30 pm est in the zoom classroom during November as we read through The Jesus Touch.


There is an optional faith art project to make.  You can purchase when you sign up. The cost is $15 includes shippng. (limited quanty)


Purchase the book separately.

(You don't have to have to book to join us)


You can purchase the book here

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