14 Day Water Challenge

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Does what you drink impact your health?

Are you getting enough water?  And how can you tell if you are well hydrated?

Discover what you need to know about Drinks, Hydration and Health with the 14 Day Water Challenge.

Not only our body but our spirit needs to be filled with spiritual water.  Each day we will study a verse of the bible and journal related to the Living Water.

During this challenge you will discover:

  • How much water you should be drinking every day, and why it's so important in the first place.

  • The signs and symptoms of dehydration, and how it can arise and more importantly how you can prevent this life-threatening condition.

  • The myths and common questions about the drinks you’re consuming.  Are they doing you any good or are they doing you harm?

  • The truth about drinks, water, and the impact of your efforts to maintain a healthy weight.

You will be a part of a Facebook group where we can support each other as you take a step forward in your journey of a heathier you.  

Each day you will receive an email with resources to help you along your 14 Day Water Challenge.

Challenge Dates 
June 15 - June 30

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